Braised Ribs + Broccoli + Egg Dinner

Good, good mornin’ everyone!

Can you believe I JUST finished my first green smoothie two minutes ago? It was delicious – definitely a repeater. 🙂 Thanks, IGE! I will update you all soon about my first greeeeen-drink experience!

How did I manage to stray from my daily bowl of oats? Blame my orthodontist. My braces are making my teeth REALLY sore! 😦

Anyways, these photos are some of my favourite pics, ever.


What do we have here?

I see a fried egg and a broccoli + scallop + onion saute.

Some fluffy jasmine rice and braised ribs with carrots, dou-gan (firm tofu), baby shiitake mushrooms, and daikon.

What a yummy and filling meal. I love how it looks covered in sesame seeds. It also adds so much flavour!

Got to run – I’ll update again this weekend, so stay tuned and have a wonderful Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Braised Ribs + Broccoli + Egg Dinner

    1. It’s SO good! Doesn’t taste ‘green’ at all – I expected it to taste like grass. So surprised to find that it actually tastes like a creamy banana milkshake! I could drink them all day long. 🙂


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