Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal {My #1 FAVE!}

Hola everyone! How is your Tuesday? Mine has been good so far – still tired from working yesterday! Gosh, I am out of shape. Kneeling and pushing toddlers around on chairs is a workout! 😉 At least I got my daily dose of skating.

You know that muffins are my kryptonite.
But did you know that I’m also obsessed with blueberries?
Crumbled muffin + blueberries make this oatmeal dangerously delicious.


O-M-G. This oatmeal is heavenly… I honestly wish I had a bowl right now – it’s 3:09 PM. :O
If only I had berries and muffins around every morning! I’d make this bowl if I did.


Plain oats, just 1/3 cup of dry rolled oats, are cooked up with milk and water. Added a tsp of flax, 1/4 tsp of cinnamon (BEWARE: I like mine extra cinnamony!) and a pinch of salt.

Dumped into a bowl, already adorned with a spoonful of natural crunchy almond butter.


By the way, the crumbled muffin is a triple berry muffin from Whole Foods – one of my number one favourites! Also topped with a handful of fresh blueberries. Drizzled with a little honey, this bowl of oatmeal is literally oatmeal perfection.

I don’t make very many bowls of PERFECT oatmeal (take today’s bland bowl with banana and AB, for example), but this bowl was truly mouthwatering. Loved it!


Oh, and today’s math testS went well! I knew I didn’t get 100%, so I was preeeetty happy to see a 96. My mark in the course actually rounds up to 97% – hooray! 😀

By the way – we’re having coconut chicken curry tonight for dinner! We’ve got squash, chicken, and much more in there. First time using the coconut milk from Trader Joe’s! I can smell it from the computer room that I’m working in, right now! I can’t wait for dinner… update y’all soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone.

7 thoughts on “Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal {My #1 FAVE!}

  1. […] Doesn’t this look yummy? Since school’s out (BC teacher’s strike) until next year, I’ve got plenty of time to bake before my group leaves for Montreal in 16 days.*** I really want to try this recipe for blueberry coffee cake, especially because our fridge is overflowing with big, juicy blueberries from the farmer’s market. This recipe, from the Whole Foods website, looks exceptionally tasty. I’m also betting it would taste great crumbled over oatmeal, like my blueberry muffin oats! […]


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