Strawberry Coconut Pancakes

I went to I-Hop once when I was in grade five, expecting it to be amazing. All my friends had gushed about how much they loved the big pancakes and gourmet waffles. Needless to say, I was totally disappointed.


Turns out, you can make even BETTER pancakes at home – for a fraction of the price and ten times healthier. Just try these healthy pancake substitutions!


These are amazing.

So, so amazing.


They’re smothered in creamy coconut yogurt (try Krema brand, it’s just DIVINE) and fresh strawberries.

Sprinkled with chia seeds.


Can they get any better?

Oh, yes – maple syrup.

Can’t have maple syrup without my pancakes! 😉


These are just incredible. You must try them at home. Plain yogurt as a substitution for buttermilk really helps. This batch was just as yummy as the honey banana pancakes I had on this weekend!


These tender, sweet and coconutty pancakes are perfect for any day… try them tomorrow!


Have a great week everyone!


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