Cheesy Baked Seafood Rice {Restaurant Lunch}

Cheese, fried rice, and seafood aren’t really words that you’d expect to see together on a menu.
And I swear I’m trying to make this a healthy-living blog.


But what can you do when the restaurant you’re planning to go to has a SUPPEEEERRR long line? Yup – drive a block down and go to the local Cantonese “cha chan ting”.

“Tea restaurants” are little places that sell brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as *obviously* tea. They aren’t my favourite (actually I strongly dislike them) because Cantonese restaurants are masters of fusion food.


What’s that? Fusion food is when two cuisines, say Chinese and American, are blended together. When this happens, creative and crazy food combinations are born. I’ve seen Korean tacos, filet-o-fish sushi, and even hamburger fried rice. I like my food pure and authentic, thank you!

This meal, however, wasn’t as bad as I’d have guessed.
It’s essentially long jasmine rice stir-fried with egg, then topped with seafood (mussels, scallops, shrimp, white fish, something else that I can’t remember…), and doused with a creamy white sauce similar to Alfredo. Then, cheddar and mozzarella cheese are sprinkled on top, and the whole dish is broiled. Like Alfredo pasta and seafood fried rice had a baby, this meal was cheesy seafood fried rice.

Good, but not great. I ate the seafood and left the rice. We were going for ice cream after, and I didn’t need all of the calories from fat.
I did, however, burn my tongue on the first bite. I just couldn’t wait to dig into the melty cheese! :mrgreen:


Happy Tuesday everyone. I will update you soon with a great Mom-meal post! 🙂

Do you like fusion food?

I find it okay, but it sorta creeps me out a little bit. Even things like Hawaiian pizza, which I know isn’t Hawaiian, makes me iffy. Greek quinoa sushi? Yeah, no. I’d just rather have the real thing! How about you? Let me know below!

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