Apple Pie Oatmeal

Hi everyone! Hope your week has been treating you well. I know it’s Thursday, but it totally feels like Friday. Pro-D Day tomorrow – woohoo! I just checked Iowa Girl Eats, hoping to see weekly Friday Favourites! The weather is definitely starting to look better here, and I can’t wait for the May farmer’s market to come to Vancouver. Local strawberries – eeee! :mrgreen:

Check out what I found yesterday: This page is filled with healthy 3-ingredient smoothies. After reading it, I felt so INSPIRED! I had no idea such delicious-looking concoctions could be created with three simple ingredients. Every single smoothie looks yummy – but I’m super excited to try the banana + cocoa + peanut butter smoothie. Check it out!


This morning, I made tried to make apple pie oatmeal. I mean, I’ve done it many times before, and it’s just as simple as regular oatmeal or banana oatmeal.

So I chose a beautiful unwaxed local Gala apple. I scrubbed the wax off (yes, I know it’s unwaxed – I still have to scrape it off with a knife!). I rinsed it. I dried it. I chopped it into the most perfect little cubes. By the way, this all took me half an hour… yes, I’m slow.


Then, I placed my perfect little apple cubes in a saucepan and filled it with milk + water. I knew it’d take a while to soften, so I asked Mom to keep an eye on the stove, without letting it boil. Overheating milk will cause it to separate. The milk solids will look like pulp, suspended in a pale, watery solution. At that point, it’ll pretty much be inedible (unless you like curdled milk IN water).

Off I went to answer some emails. About fifteen minutes later, “Cindy! It’s boiling!”. %$&#! I ran into the kitchen, looked at the saucepan of bubbling milk, and almost died. The milk + water had almost bubbled over, and a thin layer of papery milk was on top of the apple. Immediately, I took it off the heat (it was on LOW before!). Then, I stirred it furiously, hoping that I could stir the weird film back inside.


Nope. It’d separated! NOOOOO! This was the second time that it separated. 😥 All of my apples were ruined, covered in pulpy white stuff. Of course, I couldn’t salvage the milk + water or the oats. It all went down the sink disposal. I had scrambled eggs instead. What a sad morning! I’ll update y’all if I ever try this again – hopefully I’ll keep a better eye on it than my mom.


For your information, if this didn’t happen, I would’ve added raisins, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt, then top it with granola. A splash of milk is always welcome, and I love apple oatmeal with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey. Or you could try it with Craisins, almond butter, and maple syrup. So good!


Oh yeah, and these pictures are from a while ago – from a time that, obviously, the milk didn’t curdle. Try it sometime – if I manage to figure out how to make this not separate, I’ll post a recipe. Yay for apple oats! They really do taste like apple pie. I haven’t had apple pie before, but I imagine it would taste like this! Have a great weekend everyone. ♥


Last thing: if you use a tart apple, like Granny Smith, add a bit of sugar. I think a teaspoon of brown sugar would be perfect – you don’t want it to be too sour! Otherwise, Galas are perfect. A drizzle of honey/maple syrup is great if your apple is already sweet!


Last thing: did you read my post from last weekend? I hope this weekend is as awesome. 🙂

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