Yummy, Healthy, Dessert in 2 Minutes!

A nutritious, delicious dessert that can be made in less than five minutes?
Yes! It’s possible!

DSCN5464 DSCN5463 DSCN5462
Fresh blueberries + chia seeds + crumbled triple berry muffin from Whole foods on peach yogurt


Merry Monday, by the way!

Honey Greek Gods yogurt + Quaker honey coconut granola + fresh raspberries, and a serving of R.L. Stine! 😉


Bonus: it has only three ingredients – and you probably have them all right now. In fact, I ALWAYS have these around for a quick and easy snack or dessert. Now that I think about it, these ingredients could even make a nutritious BREAKFAST. Dessert as breakfast? Sign me up now! I had this dessert last weekend, and yesterday… and today. Okay, so I pretty much eat this every day. :mrgreen:

DSCN5548 DSCN5547 DSCN5546 DSCN5545
Krema coconut yogurt + flax seeds + honey + strawberries + blueberries


1) YOGURT: Greek yogurt is my #1 choice. After going Greek, I’ve never looked back. Greek yogurt is thick, tangy, rich, and oh-so-creamy. Did I mention it’s got four times the protein? Greek yogurt is almost like sour cream in texture, and cheesecake in taste. I seriously can NOT get enough. I also love knowing how good it is, for my gut! Go probiotics. 🙂

2) FRUIT: berries, sliced banana, stone fruits (my absolute FAVOURITE – I can’t wait for those juicy nectarines and sweet little cherries!), or even little melon balls. Try a variety! A handful of berries or half a large banana is all you’ll need.

3) TOPPINGS: try crumbled muffin (banana muffin would be divine, click here for my ultimate recipe!), crunchy granola, a scoop of nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and/or a big drizzle of honey. I can NOT do without honey – it’s a must-have, no matter what other toppings you’ve got. Try maple or agave!

DSCN5743 DSCN5742  DSCN5609 DSCN5608
Plain yogurt + crumbled kitchen sink muffin + blackberries + chia seeds


I don’t think you even need instructions for this.

Chia seeds + crumbled triple berry muffin + Greek yogurt + blueberries + honey drizzle


Scoop a few scoops of yogurt into a bowl (seriously, try Greek yogurt. It’s so creamy you’ll freak). Two or three big scoops are about 1/4 or 1/3 of a cup, and that does it for me.
Top it with fruit.
Add two or three fun toppings. My faves are listed above. I usually add a sprinkle of chia (about a tsp) and a drizzle of honey. The best!

DSCN5510 DSCN5509 DSCN5469DSCN5468DSCN5508
Plain Greek yogurt + chia seeds + crumbled triple berry muffin + chia seeds + honey


So filling, so delicious, and pretty healthy, to boot!

Greek yogurt + fresh berries + granola + chia seeds + honey


You MUST try this dessert. It’ll totally satisfy your sweet tooth AND make you feel good inside and out.

DSCN5499 DSCN5497
Plain yogurt + chia seeds + sliced banana + honey + crumbled kitchen sink muffin


Absolutely the best. Enjoy, guys! Let me know if you try this out. 🙂

DSCN5492 DSCN5491 DSCN5490 DSCN5489
Raspberry yogurt + crumbled triple berry muffin + fresh blueberries + chia seeds + honey drizzle

9 thoughts on “Yummy, Healthy, Dessert in 2 Minutes!

  1. […] This is half of a sandwich from Whole Foods, as I mention here. It’s made with turkey, apple, and brie cheese. There are also some mixed greens and tomatoes inside, as well as a smear of canola-mayonnaise. I grilled it for maximum crunch! This sandwich was delicious. I had the other half for dinner, along with some yogurt and berries for dessert. […]


  2. […] Start with a plain ‘ole tortilla. I use whole wheat here, because I like the extra fiber and chewiness. Dempster’s makes pretty decent whole wheat products that you can find everywhere, but have you tried Flat-Out flatbreads? At Wal-Mart last week, I discovered this new brand – one flatbread has 9, yes, 9 grams of fiber. :O Impressive! The ingredients are okay (mono and di-glycerides, hmmm). See below for my opinion on this. I don’t eat wheat-y products (ie. pitas, bread, etc.) because I prefer to cook grains and eat them un-baked. Does that make sense? I’d choose a bowl of millet/couscous/quinoa/pasta/my favourite OATMEAL over a slice of toast any day. Wait – one exception. Homemade baked goodies, like this banana bread, are my kryptonite. Whole wheat, flax-filled and fruity muffins are my #1 weakness. These are the best, and you should try them crumbled over yogurt. […]


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