Classic Mom Dinner

How’s it going?

After yesterday’s awesome trip to Whole Foods, I’m SO ready for a hearty Mom-cooked meal. Here it is!


There are ribs + carrots + onions + turnips + extra-firm tofu.

Chinese-style “hash” with ground meat, mushrooms, radish, and onions.

And steamed broccoli! Sprinkled with sesame and eaten on top of fluffy quinoa.


What a yummy meal. 🙂 Happy Thursday!

WF Wednesday and Coconut Chicken Curry {+ Top 15 Curry Add-Ins!}

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday to you all 🙂

Even though I’m still bouncing back from a fabulous weekend, today was a lot of fun.

Started the day with awesome oatmeal: 1/3 cup Quaker oatmeal, milk, water, 1 tsp ground flax, big scoop almond butter, crumbled Matchsticks honey pear almond walnut muffin, slivers of other two muffins (brown butter pumpkin walnut and cranberry orange). Simply the BEST!

Hit the gym for an hour – spent 25 minutes on the treadmill, then 15 on the bike, and 15 minutes on the elliptical. The bike is the hardest for me, but I love the treadmill.

Rewarded myself with slivers of muffin – see the weekend post above! Took a quick shower and hopped onto the skytrain with Mom and sister for Whole Foods. The best place in Vancouver, in my opinion! 😉

DSCN5443DSCN5441 DSCN5444 DSCN5442

Lunch was a big bowl from the WF buffet. I shared with Mom. I literally walk from one end of the serving table to another and take little scoops (two or three bites) of EVERY SINGLE DISH. I just want to try them all! Some of my favourites here were chicken cacciatore, spinach pakora with baba ghanoush, hummus, and tzatziki, curried tofu, and truffled fingerling potatoes. I also tried the mashed cauliflower, which was unique. It wasn’t bad, but don’t expect ’em to taste like buttery mashed potatoes! My all-time favourites from the Whole Foods hot bar are the macaroni and cheese (so creamy, cheesy, good), smoked mozzarella penne pasta salad (has spinach and roasted red peppers), marinated feta, and spinach poppyseed pasta salad. I think you see the trend – I love pasta and cheese!

DSCN5446 DSCN5445

Also shared a sandwich with Mom – the big chicken and arugula sandwich. It’s got the BEST sundried tomato aioli as well as GOAT CHEESE (my love ♥) and prosciutto. The edges get all crispy when grilled, and oh my goodness it is heavenly. Definitely my absolute favourite sandwich, and it barely beats the turkey apple brie sammie.


Of course, I can’t go to WF without getting dessert. Usually I share some gelato with Mom or Dad. Hazelnut is my favourite flavour, because it tastes like gelato-ified Kinder Bueno or Fererro Rocher. Yum!


Sometimes, we buy the petite sweets. My #1 favourite is the white chocolate cheesecake raspberry tart. It’s small, but so rich and flavourful. You can really taste the white chocolate in there, but it’s still super tangy from the cheese and tart from the raspberry preserves.

Here’s a curry dinner we had a while back. We just buy the mix from a local bakery, and mix it up with some water + coconut milk before adding several of the following:


1) Cauliflower: it gets so soft, and I think it goes so well with curry (try roasting it with curry powder!)
2) Broccoli
2) Spinach: stir it in during the last minutes of cooking
3) Tomato: for a more “butter chicken-esque” flavour
4) Peas: one of my absolute favourites – it adds great pop
5) Coconut milk!
6) Cashews: great for crunch (aka texture)
7) Snap peas, sugar peas, or snow peas
8) BUTTERNUT SQUASH! Yum! Let cubes simmer for about 15 minutes for squishy pillows of sauce.
9) Carrot
10) Onions: add another layer of yummy flavour
11) Mushrooms: super juicy and plump
12) Bell peppers: any colour works!
13) Chicken, shrimp, or tofu (these are obviously my favourite proteins!)
14) Edamame
15) Kale: like spinach, just stir it in. It may need a little more time than spinach, though.


Here, we have cauliflower, onion, mushrooms, spinach, butternut squash, and chicken. I had one two THREE bowls of this with coconut oil jasmine rice. Imagine that – three TIMES of what’s shown here. It’s that yummy!



1) Do you like Whole Foods? What do you buy there?
2) What do you add to curry?

1) Obviously I love it there. It’s my go-to place for high-quality, delicious food. It honestly never fails to please + impress me. The hot bar is amazing, the sandwiches are top-notch, and the products are excellent (muffins! ♥).
Watch out, though – items such as Quaker oatmeal and Almond Breeze milk can be found at Costco/Superstore/Wal-Mart for MUCH better prices. There’s a reason why WF is nicknamed Whole Paycheck. Most of the food/products are ridiculously expensive. Do your homework and compare prices before buying. Once, my mom bought a ladleful of roasted nuts without checking the price. Once we’d paid for everything, she found out that the ladleful (probably 3 measly handfuls) cost over $8!
Today, we bought Blue Star organic multigrain crackers, Krema coconut Greek yogurt (all-time FAVE yogurt, I’ll do a review soon), WF organic green tea, organic strawberries, organic grapes, organic lentils, organic garbanzo beans (both dried), whole wheat buttermilk pancake mix, a turkey apple brie sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch, and something else that I can’t remember!
2) Lotsa stuff! See above list. :mrgreen:

Let me know below, and have super day!