Cranberry Orange Muffin Oatmeal

Thanks to Kath, I am addicted to muffin oatmeal.

I know! It sounds disgusting! Oatmeal = oatmeal, and muffin = muffin, right?


Wrong. Together {along with a big scoop of nut butter}, they make a deliciously decadent breakfast that features the health benefits of oatmeal, sweet and buttery muffin, and amazing taste + texture from the nut butter.

Here, I topped plain oatmeal (add dried cranberries at the end!) with about 1/3 of a crumbled Whole Foods cranberry orange muffin (they’re almost as good at the Matchsticks muffins – see my review at the end of this post!),  a drizzle of honey, and a huge spoonful of cranberry sauce (cranberries, water, brown sugar, honey). Muffin oats are divine because they are sweet, have great texture, and are pretty much dessert disguised as breakfast.

Just prepare oats as usual (1/3 cup each oats, milk, water and a pinch of salt + cinnamon). Dump it into a bowl and crumble part of a muffin on top of it, then add a scoop of nut butter. I like ALL nut butters – peanut, almond, sunflower (technically a seed, so I guess I like all nut and seed butters). Here, I use a big scoop of SunButter. When I first had SunButter, I was grossed out. It tasted like liquified sunflower seeds with a funky dry, sticky aftertaste. Then, I had it a second time, and a third time, and then a fourth time. Yep – I was addicted! SunButter is just as good as peanut butter, if not better. I love the roasty sunflower-y taste and the stickiness of this nut butter. Bonus points for being organic! My aunt and uncle, however, think SunButter tastes like sunflower poo. 😉 Have you tried sunflower butter? Do you like it?

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy muffin oatmeal, guys! Also, check out my weekend post for an update on the BEST WEEKEND EVER!


Do you like nut/seed butter? Which one is your favourite? Any recommendations?

Hmmm… this is a really tricky question for me because I love them ALL. I think peanut is a true classic (great with apple slices), but almond just as delicious. Sunflower butter also has such a great flavour! Oh – and I like crunchy nut butters, except for when my teeth hurt. Okay, sorry, I can’t decide. I just don’t know because I love ’em all. Can’t help having 5 jars of open nut /seed butter in the fridge! :mrgreen:
I do know, however, that my favourite brands are Barney Butter, Whole Foods (so gritty good!), Maisie Jane’s (BEST ALMOND BUTTER, PERIOD), PC Organics, and SunButter. Maranatha is also super high on that list – every nut they grind is delish!

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