Before I Came Home

Before I came home, Mom sent me lots of pictures of little Arnie. He’s not really little anymore – this guy is now almost 7 years old! I can’t believe he’s been living with us since I was in Grade 7. Before I came home, I went to a yoga workshop in downtown Kitchener. I… More Before I Came Home

Puzzled (Literally.)

Hey everyone! Two mornings each week, I visit the Parkwood Senior Home where I am a fitness supervisor. Sometimes I teach programs, like Gentle Stretch and Flex (a blend of yoga and gentle weights, all seated!). Other times, I work with individuals on walking independently or strengthening their arm muscles. Usually, residents have physiotherapists that… More Puzzled (Literally.)


Hey guys! Hope the last couple of days went well for you. This weekend was honestly a BLAST. In the morning, I did lots of acro yoga with friends. After going to Chapters and relaxing at lunch, I did a fun “mindful movement” class and then did some ZUMBA! I am the worst Zumba dancer… More Proof

Budgeting FAQs

Good Sunday morning, everyone! How has your week been? We’ve had the sunniest weather ever here in Waterloo, and it was 30 degrees yesterday evening when I walked home from school. Yay for summer! Today I am going to share a couple of budgeting tips with you. I wrote these tips back in April, for… More Budgeting FAQs

Satisfying Summer Stuff

Long time no talk blog! I feel bad because I haven’t even been busy – just kind of lazy. But still productive… kind of. Summer funnies: TAN lines, summer expectations vs. reality, more tan stuff, and relatable minions. And… back to the food. A quesadilla that wouldn’t fold, topped with egg, broccoli, cheese, and salsa.… More Satisfying Summer Stuff

Trying New Things

Today’s post is gonna be short and sweet with minimal words and lots of pictures, because it’s 9:50 and I kind of want to leap into my bed and doze off. You know those days… right? Photos from Waterloo Park – a hike that I did with a nice friend who is PRO at spotting… More Trying New Things